Breyer Photos Still Needed!

Posted 4 years ago by MHM

You may donate photos of your models to the app and use them as entries for the next raffle prize.

Photos needed still: Older mold classics, Vintage decorators, Models of less than 100 produced and 2014s!
Other models needed: if you have the app, any black and white picture showing is what is missing. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Photos of rare models (Pre 1970, less than 100 or HTF older models) will be considered triple entries, thus for each photo of these models you send, you get 3. Ultra rare models: less than 40 made will get 10 entries per photo.

Photos that will be counted towards raffle entries are ones that have plain backgrounds, with models that do not show major rubs or flaws, show the complete model and photos are decent size(at least 500 by 500 px) and in focus. All others will not be used or counted.

If a photo you send is of a model already received, it will not be counted unless it is of better quality, thus it is first come first serve to get the most entries.

How to donate:
In the Contact Tab, Click browse below and select up to 20 photos, then click the “add” button. You can attach up to 200 in increments of 20(Just make sure you click “add” before hitting the browse button again), in the message box, indicate which model you would like to enter and click send. (Feel free to add additional info for your photos, especially for rare models) If you have trouble attaching photos, please e-mail your photos to:

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